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Learn how to get the most out of our DPST-9200A Automated Pitot Static Test Set by using our convenient online interactive training module. Available only to registered customers.

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Portable Battery Backup

Our PBB-1-K-115 /-220 is a portable emergency battery back-up designed to prevent power failures up to three hours.

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ZSAY-3-static-spider-thm100ZSAY-3 Aircraft Universal Static Adapter

Setting Industry Standards Once Again.

The ZSAY-3-EBB offers 8-10 hours of continuous battery run time.

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DPST-8000M-dust-off-thm100UNIV-20-40 Universal Vacuum Tester

High Accuracy, Light Weight For Fllightline portable Inspections.

The Model UNIV-20-40 is a precision, manually controlled, portable, flightline Digital Static Test Set.

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SCZ-106-unit-thm100SCZ-106 Sight Compass

Setting Industry Standards Once Again

Our SCZ-106 is used to check calibration of an aircraft mounted wet compass.

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PSIM-104-kit-thm100Pitot / Static Isolation Manifold - PSIM-104

Save time and effort in performing multiple system Air Data tests, and increasing aircraft availability by reducing maintenance costs.

The PSIM-104 is engineered to quickly isolate multiple air data Pitot / Static systems to identify leaks within the system. It can be adapted to work with any leak test equipment.

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