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Pitot Static Test Set

"Low Cost AOA Test Solution"

DPST-8000M-3CH Kit

General Information:

The Model DPST 8300M RVSM /AOA 3CH Pitot Static Test Set is a precision test set with three independent channel pressure controllers designed to provide regulated total (PT) pressure and two static (PS) outputs to simulate Altitude, Airspeed, and Vertical Speed parameters. The test set can also be used in laboratory environment to calibrate Altimeters and Airspeeds in maintenance shops or harsh hangar environments.

Standard Features:

  • Certified to perform Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Pitot Static FAR 91.411 and FAR 43 Appendix E certifications on fixed wing and rotary aircraft.
  • Precision microprocessor based with Honeywell sensors, accuracy to 0.001% FS.
  • No Warm up time required.
  • Performance: 55,000 ft of altitude, 20,000 ft/min VSI rate, and 600 knots of airspeed.
  • AoA, Angle of Attack / 3 Channel Smart prob testing.
  • Sun-light readable color display showing real instrument presentation. Touch screens display Altitude, Vertical Speed, Airspeed, EPR and other measurements in various units of measure, including Ft, M, Kts, Km/hr, Mach, Ft/min, EPR (PT/PS), inHg, mb and psia.
  • Precision Metering valves allow fine precision control of altitude, VSI, and airspeed. Also has protection shut-off seats for lifetime use.
  • AC power supply for safe flightline usage-input voltages 85 to 265 VAC/47 to 420 Hz.
  • Color coded hoses with self-sealing quick connections to protect aircraft from pressure loss. Comes equipped with quick connect fittings, 3 (ea.) twenty ft hoses and a 6 ft power cord.
  • Internal pumps produce pressure and vacuum, and have a 5,000 hour cycle to overhaul.
  • Storm Case is watertight, padlockable, and made in the USA to meet applicable requirements of MIL-STD-810F and FED-STD-101C.

DPST-8300M-3CH KitDPST-8300M-3CHDPST-8300M-3CH softwareHP-hose-coiled-stack-thm100

Download the DPST-8300M Stat Sheet in PDF format.


Case meets required measurements to fit into overhead compartment in commercial airlines.

Exterior case dimensions:
20"L, x 15"W x 7"H
50.8cm L x 38.1cm W x 17.8cm H
Wight 28 lbs., 12.7 kgs.

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