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ZSAY-3 Aircraft Universal Static Adapter

Setting Industry Standards Once Again

General Information:

ZSAY-3-case-open-240The Model ZSAY-3 is an original design to help speedup and enhance your FAR 91.411 Static Leak checks. This light weight unit is extremely durable and convenient for day to day use in aircraft hangar, ramp, and line service environments. The Static Adapter provides a proven simple method to attach any Pitot / Static Test Set to the static system without breaking lines. There is no residue, or marring of the skin associated with other methods of sealing the static port. The adapter has a center cup that covers the static port and 3 articulating legs with suction cups to hold the adaptor in place utilizing the strong vacuum system, which secures to the fuselage while testing.

Standard Features:

  • Universal Adapter is designed to fit most General Aviation and Military Aircraft Fuselage static ports.
  • Silicone Vacuum Cups automatically attach to Aircraft Fuselage.
  • High Output Internal Pump provides continuous Vacuum.
  • System comes complete with Quick Release Fittings & Puncture Proof hose.
  • Release Button has Protection Guard to prevent accidental removal.
  • Internal safety check Valves for Power Failure and System Leaks.
  • High impact, water tight Storm Case® has plenty of extra space for storage of additional accessories.
  • Easily Interchangeable Static Cup Assemblies with 4 cup sizes for various aircraft applications:
  • Center Cup Sizes: Standard ¼" (6.35 mm).
  • Alternate Cup Sizes Available: ½" (12.7 mm) and 1" (25.4 mm).*
  • Smart AC power supply for variable input voltages (85 to 265V AC / 47 to 420 Hz).
  • Custom Voltage applications available: 12V DC and 28V DC.*
  • System will support Dual Static Port (Additional Adapter P/N ZSAY-3Y).*
  • Emergency Battery back-up with Warning Horn is available upon request only.
  • Preferred DFW Instrument Corporation shipping container 26" x 19" x 13" available upon request.

Battery Backup Features:

  • The ZSAY-3-EBB offers 8-10 hours of continuous battery run time.
  • Battery Pack option is accomplished via an internally mounted automatic battery and switching system within the standard ZSAY panel. Battery Pack mounts into existing power supply unit while providing recharging capability via 115VAC power.
  • Aural alarm (105 db's) will sound when battery voltage is below safe conditions.

Three colored LEDs Display Modes of Operation:

Mode 1: AC Power- Under normal input power (85 to 265V AC / 47 to 420 Hz). Tester will automatically switch to battery backup if AC power loss occurs.
Mode 2: Off / Charge- Tester is in charging mode with AC power cord is plugged in.
Mode 3: Battery Power- Unit will operate for 8 or more hours on internal battery power.

ZSAY-3-case-open-thm100 ZSAY-3-ststic-test-2-thm100 ZSAY-3-static-spider-thm100 ZSAY-3-case-closed-thm100 ZSAY-3-hose-end-thm100

Download the ZSAY-3 Spec Sheet in PDF format.


Portable Battery Backup
Weight 19 lbs / 8 6 kg

Weight 11 lbs. / 5 kgs.

Ordering Information:
Option 1 P/N: ZSAY-3
Option 2 P/N: ZSAY-3-EBB • Battery Powered

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