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Exchange Information

We have amassed a large stock of spare rotable units for exchange when your time requirements do not allow you to have your instruments and avionics repaired. When you ship us a repairable core, we send a replacement that is tested, repaired, and overhauled to standards set by the OEM. This service will help our customers reduce the need to carry any excess inventory and minimize cost. Helping manage repairs more effectively is our goal!

Exchange Policy

The core charge will be collected upfront to all customers without Net 30 terms and for international customers. If payment preferred is credit card, two separate transactions will occur: one charge for the exchange and one pre-authorization for the core. If customer prefers to pay via check, the customer can choose to either pay with one check or two– we will hold the “core” check for fourteen (14) days before depositing. Once we have received an acceptable core, we will refund the core charge either by withdrawing the pre-authorization on the credit card or by returning the held check. Domestic customers core due within 14 days from ship date / International customers core is due within 18 days from ship date. Please click here for Exchange Policy Form


Exchange prices are quoted on the basis that the customer will return core(s) of the same part number as invoiced, in normal, repairable condition in compliance with any applicable F.A.R.'s. All prices and charges are in U.S. dollars, exclusive of any customs duties, taxes, shipping fees or special handling and are subject to change without notice. DFW reserves the option to reject any returned core units that are unacceptable.

Acceptable Cores

An acceptable core is a unit of identical type and part number as the exchange unit provided by DFW, and must be in repairable condition. DFW reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any unit that has been subject to damage beyond normal wear and tear or inept repair attempts.

Unacceptable Cores

An unacceptable core is a unit that has been damaged from external causes such as fire, crash, submersion, cannibalization, inept repair, abnormal wear, etc. If abnormal damage is found, either at the time of exchange or later during overhaul, the exchange price will not be applicable. Instead, the customer will be invoiced on a time and material basis for the abnormal work actually performed, plus the cost of the exchange unit. If an exchange core is found to be Beyond Economical Repair, the customer will be invoiced for the core charge. If an acceptable core is received over thirty (30) days past the date of invoice, DFW reserves the right to credit the core charge less a 20% late fee and/or billed at a rate of $60.00 per day until received.

Late Core Returns

Exchange core units must be returned to DFW within 2 weeks (10 business days) from the shipping date of the exchange unit or late charges will be accrued until item is returned. If a core is not returned, DFW will invoice for an outright purchase at current market or replacement cost. An extended core return deadline will only be considered at the time of sale. If an acceptable core is received over thirty (30) days past the date of invoice, DFW reserves the right to credit the core charge less a 20% late fee and/or billed at a rate of $60.00 per day until received.


Exchange equipment will carry a six (6) month limited warranty for use in pleasure or Corporate Aircraft Operators and three (3) months limited warranty for use in Commercial Airlines or Flight Simulators. DFW's obligation under this warranty, however, shall be limited to workmanship on labor performed and replacement of any article completed at the time of repair / overhaul. Also, see Equipment Warranty Policy. Warranty will be denied if the units DFW seals have been broken and/or the unit has been tampered with.

Exchange Core Agreement

Exchange Core Agreement